Town of Asquith
Box 160
535 Main Street
Asquith, SK
S0K 0J0
Phone:  (306)329-4341  
Fax: (306)329-4969 

Sample Data-Articles

April 14, 2010
Meeting time
Asquith Town Council
2nd Tuesday 7:00
Holly Cross
Recreation Committee 3 times a year
Gail Erhart
L.A.S. Community Council
1st Tuesday 6:30
Karen Gamble
Asquith Housing Authority
Crystal Haugrud
Royal Purple
2nd Wednesday 8:00
Carrie Latta
3rd Tuesday 7:30
2nd Tuesday 8:00
Tom Morrison
Legion Ladies Auxiliary
2nd Tuesday 8:00
Edith Morrison
 Prairie Sky Horse Club
 Nichole Beausoleil
Elks Club
2nd Tuesday 8:30
Gabe Brecht    
First Responders
Diane Haugrud
Home Care
Helena Peters
Hidden Hills Riding Club
Last Monday 7:30
Leeanne Omit
 Catherwood Beef and Sheep 4H
 Donna Asher
 Catherwood Multiple 4H Club
 Annaleigh Ficher
Minor Hockey
Kevin Rousell
Asquith Sports Centre (rink)
Andrea Ganchar
Minor Ball
Lori Lemon
Dana Grasby
Fencing Club
Doug Brecht
Spring - Fall
Brandi Magnus
Baptist Church *
Sunday - 11:00 am
Pastor Joshua Goetz
      * Sunday School (all ages)
Sunday - 9:45 am
      * Kids Club (Gr. K-Gr.2)
Wed. – 3:00 pm
      * Girls Club (Gr.3-Gr.6)
Wed. – 3:00 pm
      * Boys Club (Gr.3-Gr.6)
Tue. – 7:00 pm
      * Jr. High Youth Group
Calendar available
      * Sr. High Youth Group
Calendar available
United Church
Sunday-9:30 am
Darlene Warren
Catholic Church
Gabe Brecht
Baha’i Faith
Susan Pezderic
Better Life Recreation Association (BLRA) Seniors
2nd Tue 1:30
Marg Down
ZUMBA Fitness
 Mon & Thurs 7:30-8:30 p.m.
 Kendall Fawcett or
Faye Fawcett

The Town of Asquith offers a wide range of recreation, both in Town and in the surrounding area.  We have active groups and organizations that ensure that all age groups have a lot of choices when it comes to leisure and recreation.  We are also lucky to be in close proximity to the Oasis Golf Course in Perdue, a fifteen minute drive on Highway #14.  Eagle Creek Regional Park is also only a 20 minute drive away, and it offers beautiful amenities and a wide range of recreation possibilities.

For information regarding renting facilities at the Sportsgrounds, such as the riding arena, ball diamonds or the booth, please contact the Asquith Town Office.

For information regarding the Asquith Sports Center such as public skating times, etc. please go to:



Asquith is located 33 kilometers west of the City of Saskatoon on Highway #14. The drive to the outskirts of Saskatoon takes an average of 20 minutes. The population of the Town of Asquith at last census was 603.

The major industry around the area is agriculture. The majority of people who reside in Asquith work in Saskatoon or for the nearby potash mine.

The Town of Asquith has a Kindergarten to Grade 12 school; ~334 students.  The School also now offers Pre-Kindergarten classes for children aged 3 and 4.   Lord Asquith School offers a wide variety of classes and intramural sports, and has been commended for its' academic excellence and its ability to bring home many provincial, regional and district medals in sports.

The Town itself has a gas station, three restaurants, two grocery stores (one co-op and one with convenience store hours) a hotel and a liquor vendor.

The Town of Asquith has two churches. The Baptist Church is located on Main Street; the United Church is located on Charles Street. St. Theresa’s Parish, a Catholic Church also shares the United Church facilities. The Baptist church has active youth programs. There is also a small but active Baha’i faith in the community.

Asquith has a great amount of recreation available to individuals. The Town has a skating rink. There is an active minor hockey league.  We also have an outdoor skating rink that can be used in the summer for basketball, rollerblading or skate boarding.

The sports grounds has a riding arena that is used by local riding clubs, and  Pro Rodeo has been held there in the past. The sports grounds, also has three ball diamonds and bathroom / kitchen facilities. The minor baseball and soccer leagues are very active and use the sports grounds facilities.

Other recreation groups are;  children’s gymnastics, youth groups, fencing (the club has a facility located just off Main Street, youth from Asquith compete nationally and internationally), an active Senior’s club, Elk’s club and Royal Purple.

The Town of Asquith helps to support the beautiful Eagle Creek Regional Park, located on Highway #376, NW of Asquith. This park is located in the valley of Eagle Creek, and offers beautiful campsites, golfing, fishing and a playground with water parks for children.

In all, we are proud of our Town, from the tree lined streets to the friendly smiles that you encounter on them. We welcome you to check us out, we are sure you will find that Asquith is one of the best places to live in Saskatchewan.

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