Town of Asquith
Box 160
535 Main Street
Asquith, SK
S0K 0J0
Phone:  (306)329-4341  
Fax: (306)329-4969 

Park Site

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These are my photos from parks I have visited (I didn't take them, they are all from Wikimedia Commons).

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Upcoming Municipal Events - The Next 7 Days

21 Apr 2018n10:00AM - 03:00PMn9th Annual Spring Craft Sale
09 May 2018n07:00PM - nAsquith Town Council Meeting
12 May 2018n08:00AM - nTown of Asquith Garage Sale
19 May 2018n09:00AM - 03:00PMnClean Waste Day-Asquith Landfill
21 May 2018n08:00AM - 05:00PMnVictoria Day
26 May 2018n09:00AM - 03:00PMnClean Waste Day - Old Asquith Landfill
26 May 2018n09:00AM - 05:00PMnSpring Cleanup Weekend
27 May 2018n09:00AM - 05:00PMnSpring Cleanup Weekend