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Winter brings snow, and of course Spring means that there will be some spring runoff from the snow. As such, it is prudent for us all to start to prepare for a wet spring.

Those individuals who have had water seep into their basements or crawl spaces in the past are encouraged to shovel or snow blow the snow back from the perimeter of their house.  Those who feel they may be in need of a pump should be looking at securing one as soon as possible as these types of items become difficult to find during high demand times, such as during a spring flood.  There also may be some who will choose to utilize sandbags to protect their property.  Below is a list of where one can source pumps, sandbags and sand.


Graham Construction  230-4653

C.M. Specialty Rentals 244-2173

Handyman Rental Centre   933-3020

Hertz Equipment Rentals  242-5853

Home Depot Tool Rental  651-6251 (Circle)
                                                657-4106 (Clarence)

Primrose Lawn and Garden  933-4181
The Rent It Store   652-0101

United Rentals      374-3666

Westcon Equipment & Rentals  934-3646


Shippers Supply (Empty Bags Only)   242-6266

Sandbag Distributor - Brian Bain        384-6676
(Prefilled or Empty)

Jacobs Bag Corp.- Jacob Eisner      
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Flaman Industries- Tyson Becker


Graham Construction    230-4653

Rice Lake Sand and Gravel  329-4768

Allrock Hauling           933-1881

Inland Aggregates    374-9434