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The Town of Asquith provides roto-rooting as a courtesy to the residents of the Town of Asquith. If for any reason public works employees are not available to perform this service, the onus is on the property owner to contract a company out of Saskatoon, such as McGill's or Roto-Rooter to clean out their sewer lines at the cost of the property owner.

During Business Hours, Monday to Friday

During working hours, public works staff will utilize the sewer roto-rooter machine to clean sewer lines. This is on the condition that the machine can fit down the stairs to the basement and that there is safe and clear access to the sewer clean out. Town employees have the right to refuse service if these conditions are not met.

Should it be determined that the blockage in the sewage lines is as a result of something other than boulevard tree roots (i.e. there are no boulevard trees at the property, rags, toys, socks, etc. are pulled out by the machine), a fee of seventy-five dollars ($75.00) will be charged to the property owner.

In some cases, the town's roto-rooting will be a stop gap measure due to the severity of tree roots blocking the sewer lines. In these cases, upon recommendation from public works employees, the home owner will have to contact a company such as McGill's or Roto-Rooter to use their larger cutters to properly clear the sewer lines. This will be done at the cost of the property owner.

In order for public works employees to carry out roto-rooting, there must be someone present at the home. Public works employees will not enter a vacant home.

After Hours

If public works employees are available after hours or on weekends to perform roto-rooting, there is a flat fee of seventy-five dollars ($75.00), regardless if the cause for blockage is boulevard tree roots or not. If no staff is available, the onus is upon the property owner to contract a company such as McGill's or Roto-Rooter to complete the work for them, and this will all be done at the property owner's cost.