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Nature CCAsquith Nature Destination

"Asquith Nature Destination is Nature Conservancy of Canada's new Nature Destination, located approximately 45 mintues from Saskatoon. The geography here is spectacular. It boasts dense trees and shrubs, vibrant grasslands, rolling stabalized sand dunes, and wetlands teeming with waterfowl. Thanks to support from the Saskatoon Nature Society, there is a mowed trail complete with interpretive signs so you can explore the incredible sights and sounds this area has to offer".

Copy of map and details of the Asquith Nature Destination (Click Here)

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Asquith Nature Destination partner, Saskatoon Nature Society has over 500 members in the Saskatoon area who love to hike and spend time in nature. SNS help to maintain this property for the public to enjoy. Visit the Saskatoon Nature Society website (Click Here)