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BYLAW NO.7-2015




The Council of the Town of Asquith in the Province of Saskatchewan enacts as follows:

1.         a) “Medical Health Officer” shall mean the Medical Health Officer for the Saskatoon Health Region.

b) “Superintendent” shall mean the Town Foreman for the Town of Asquith or anyone acting as such during his absence from duty for any cause.

            c) “Caretaker” shall mean a person duly appointed by the Town Council.

d) “Markers” shall mean a type of monument which is flat and rests on a concrete foundation flush with the ground.

e) “Monuments” shall mean an upright type that requires a foundation to rest on according to their size and weight.

f) “Body” shall mean a body or cremains of a body.

2.         The Cemetery of the Town of Asquith situated on all that portion of the North East Quarter of Section 32, Township 36, Range 9, West of the Third Meridian, Saskatchewan described as follows: commencing on at the North East corner; thence Westerly along the Northern boundary 672 feet, thence Southerly parallel with the Eastern boundary 297 feet, thence Easterly parallel with the Northern boundary to the Eastern boundary , thence Northerly along the Eastern Boundary to the point of commencement shall be known as the Asquith Cemetery.   EXCEPT: all that portion taken for Roadway Plan 65S5209.

3.         Lots- twelve feet by twelve feet (12x12) in the Cemetery shall be sold for the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars ($250.00). These prices may be reviewed from time to time.

4.         Six (6) cremains may be interred per gravesite.

5.         No person shall inter any human body in any land situated within the limits of the Town other than “Asquith Cemetery”’ or such lands as may hereafter be appropriated or approved by the Town Council and used as a burial ground.

6.         Lots or plots for burial purposed in the “ Asquith Cemetery” may be acquired by any person upon the application to the Town Administrator and upon payment of the appropriate fee therefore as herein provided.

7.         Any person acquiring a lot or plot under the provisions of paragraph (5) hereof shall only acquire the right or privilege of burial of the dead therein and erecting markers thereon subject to the regulations herein contained and any other regulations which may be in force from time to time, and shall not be deemed to acquire any title in the land, which shall remain vested in the Town for all time.

8.         The Town Administrator shall furnish to every person acquiring a lot or plot a receipt certifying to the acquisition of such a lot or plot, which receipt shall be made out in duplicate, one of which shall be retained by the Town Administrator.

9.         No person shall inter or disinter or cause to be interred or disinterred any body in “Asquith Cemetery” until, he shall first, have obtained an interment order from the Town Administrator authorizing such interment or disinterment.    

10.       Any person applying for an interment order shall file with the Town Administrator a statement or certificate signed by the Registrar of Vital Statistics, which statement shall be the form authorized for use by the Registrar under Vital Statistics regulations of the Province of Saskatchewan.

11.       No order shall be issued for disinterment of any body unless the person applying therefore filed with the Town Administrator a certificate signed by the Medical Health Officer that the disinterment can be made without danger to the public health. No such certificate shall be issued unless the written permission of the Minister of Public Health has been given for such disinterment.

12.       No person shall inter or cause to be interred any body in a grave which shall not be less than six (6) feet from the surface of the ground surrounding the grave to the top of the coffin or casket, cremations shall not be less than eighteen (18) inches from the surface of the ground to the top of the urn.

13.       The Town Administrator and Superintendent shall keep a register in which place shall be entered showing lot and plot number the burial place of all persons hereafter interred in the “Asquith Cemetery”.

14.       The Council shall engage a Caretaker at such a monthly contract as the Council from time to time may agree to.

15.       No fences, curbs, cement slabs or other obstructions shall hereafter be erected around a cemetery lot or plot. Existing obstructions shall be removed at the discretion of the Cemetery Committee.

16.       No grave covers will be allowed.

17.       Only ground level plaques, or markers that can be mowed over, will be allowed in the new area, plots #517 – #783. In plots #1 - #516, monuments will be allowed.

18.       All markers and monuments must be on a concrete foundation at least five (5) inches larger than the base on all four sides; the foundation must be flush with and going into the ground at least six (6) inches.

19.       Only one monument may be erected for each plot. Markers shall be used for any additional burials in the plot.

20.       No fencing, fancy rocks, solar lights, etc. surrounding grave site will be allowed and no ornaments, decorations, etc. that impede with the care of the cemetery or that can be blown away by the wind will be allowed. Flowers (silk, dead, frayed, etc.) if impeding with the care of the cemetery, will be removed. No planting of shrubs or trees on the gravesite will be allowed. No planting of shrubs or trees anywhere in the cemetery will be allowed without prior approval of the Town Office.

21.       There must be approval by the Town Office for all homemade headstones or markers.

22.      No grave shall be used for any other purpose than the burial of the human dead.

23.       No casket burial shall be permitted in a plot             where cremains have already been buried.

24.       Children under the age of fourteen (14) shall not be permitted in the Cemetery unless accompanied by an adult who shall be responsible for their proper conduct.

25.       No dogs or other pets shall be allowed in the Cemetery.

26.       Sports activities of any kind and the equipment used for sporting activities shall not be allowed in the cemetery.

27.       The Caretaker shall be responsible to the Cemetery Committee for all the work required in connections with beautification of the Cemetery grounds, and shall take orders in connection with work required for such purpose from the Cemetery Committee.

28.       Any person who willfully destroys, mutilates, defaces, injures or removes gravestones, monuments or other structures placed in the cemetery or any fence, tomb, gravestone, monument or other structure aforesaid, or willfully destroys, cuts, breaks or injures any tree, shrub, or plant in the Cemetery or plays any game or sport or discharges any firearm (save at a military funeral) in the Cemetery or unlawfully disturbs any person or persons assembled for the purpose of burying a body therein or commits a nuisance or at any time behaves in an indecent or unseemly manner in the Cemetery or in any way interferes with the Cemetery or any grave, tomb, gravestone or other structure within the same shall be deemed to be guilty of a breach of the bylaw and will be subject to the General Penalty Bylaw.

29.       All bylaws, resolutions or orders heretofore passed for the management, regulation or control of the Cemetery shall be repealed.

30.       This bylaw shall come into force and take effect on June 10, 2015.