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BYLAW NO. 3-2012
A Bylaw of the Town of Asquith
To Regulate Mobile Home Courts
1.               TITLE
This bylaw may be cited as “The Mobile Home Bylaw”.
2.                INTERPRETATION
In this bylaw:
a)      “Mobile Home” means a trailer coach:
i)                that is used as a dwelling for permanent or year round living; and
ii)               that has water faucets and a shower head or bath tub that may be connected to a water distribution system; and
iii)             that has a wash basin and water closet that may be connected to a sewerage system; and
iv)             that has an overall length in excess of 20 feet.
b)      “Mobile Home Court” means any tract or parcel of land on which two or more occupied mobile homes are harbored or are permitted to be harbored whether or not a charge is made or paid for the use thereof, and includes any building or structure used or intended to be used as part of the equipment of such mobile home court, but does not include an industrial or construction camp or any such court if a tent or trailer coach that is not a mobile home is also harbored or is permitted to be harbored thereon.
c)   “Mobile Home Space” or “Space” means an area of land intended for use  of one mobile home and situated within a mobile home court.
d)   “Operator” means the person, organization or other body in control of the operation of a mobile home court.
e)       “Service Building” means a building housing any toilet, bathing or other sanitation facilities or laundry or clothes drying facilities.
f)       " Hard Surfaced Road" means at minimum a graveled road.
3.                APPLICATION
a)      The Provisions of this bylaw shall apply to any Mobile Home Court in the Municipality; those provisions that apply specifically to the establishment or construction of a new or enlarged Mobile Home Court shall apply after the date of passage of the bylaw.
b)     Except as modified by this bylaw, Saskatchewan Regulation 186/69 under The Public Health Act governing mobile homes and mobile home courts shall apply mutatis mutandis to mobile home courts governed by this bylaw.
1.  The operation, use establishment, construction, alteration, expansion, or subdivision of a Mobile Home Court shall be in accordance with this bylaw.
2. No persons shall establish, construct, renovate, alter or subdivide a Mobile Home Court until approval in writing of the plans and specifications is received and a permit is issued by the Council of the Town of Asquith.
3.   All parcels of land included in a Mobile Home Court site will be contiguous.
      4.    Only a mobile home which bears a Canadian Standards Association Standard Z.240 approval, with no alterations, shall be located in the mobile home park regulated by this Bylaw.  The mobile home shall also be situated on the lot as per the guidelines set out in CSA Z.240.

5. A mobile home shall be equipped with skirting within 60 days of its location on a mobile home space.  All skirting shall have an easily removable access panel of a minimum width of four feet providing access to the area enclosed by the skirting, and the such skirting shall be factory prefabricated units or of a quality equivalent thereto compatible with the related mobile home unit.

6.  Additions to a mobile home consisting of carports, vestibules or similar structures may be permitted and such addition shall be considered part of the mobile home for the purpose of Section 5(2)(b), but any additions or alterations must be in accordance with the residential standards of the Building Bylaw of the Town of Asquith and of a quality, design and scale compatible with the related mobile home and the National Building Code.

7. Any person commencing or continuing any work related to the construction, installation, alteration, or demolition of a Mobile Home Court shall have a valid Building Permit for the work issued pursuant to the Building Bylaw of the Town of Asquith. No Building Permit shall be issued for construction of or modification to a mobile home in a Mobile Home court unless the following requirements are satisfied and a full set of to scale drawings prepared by a Professional Surveyor showing:
                        i) the area dimensions and legal description of the parcel of land;
                        ii) the dimensions and locations of the buffer area;
iii) the number, location, dimensions and designation of all mobile home spaces and location an dimensions of all mobile roadways, the owners residential plot (if any), recreation areas, parking areas and accessory buildings; and
                        iv) locations of mobile homes on occupied mobile home spaces,
are provided to the Town of Asquith.

8.  No mobile home in a mobile home court shall be located elsewhere than on a mobile home space.
      9. In a Mobile Home Court only one mobile home shall be allowed on a mobile home space.

10. Each mobile home space shall be connected to the municipal water works and sewerage system of the Town of Asquith.

      5.         PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS                              
1. All applications for approval of plans or specifications shall be in writing directed to the Town Administrator and contain:
    a)     The name and address of the applicant;
    b)    The intended use of the land;
    c)     A popular understandable description of the location of the land and the legal description of the land on which the proposed mobile home court is to be constructed, altered or extended;
    d)     Four complete and legible sets of plans to scale showing:
                        (i)         The area dimensions and legal description of the parcel of land;      
                        (ii)        The dimension and location of the buffer area;
(iii)       The number, location, dimension and designation of  all mobile home spaces, the location and dimensions of all footpaths, roads, auto parking spaces, exit and entrance to public streets, planting,
                                    fencing, and any amenity or recreation area;
                        (iv)       The location of all service buildings and other structures;
                        (v)        The internal layout of all service buildings and other structures;
(vi)       The location and details of the water distribution lines, outlets and fire hydrants;
(vii)      The location and details of all sewer lines and connections thereto;
                        (viii)     A north arrow and notation of the scales used.
2. Where required by Town Council, the Operator shall install and maintain roads, sidewalks, curbs and gutters throughout the mobile home court to a standard approved by the Town's engineer and without restricting the generality of the foregoing, the Operator 
shall provide the following:
a)      Hard surfaced roads to which all mobile homes shall have direct permanent and unobstructed access.
b)      No mobile home or accessory building or structure located on the same mobile home space shall be located so that it is closer than 15 feet to any other mobile home or accessory building or structure not located on that mobile home space, or closer than ten feet to any roadway or buffer area.  For the purpose of this section, any addition, vestibule, porch, carport or other similar structure shall be deemed to be part of the mobile home.
3. Where required by Town Council, the Operator shall install and maintain a street lighting system, the plans and specifications of which shall be subject to the approval of the Town Council.
 6.        BUFFER AREA
1. Every mobile home court shall have immediately within all of its boundaries, a buffer area, to be a minimum of twenty-five feetin depth, within which:
   a)      No mobile home space may be located;
   b)      No building or structure may be erected or placed except a fence, a wall or a sign;
1.  Each mobile home space shall be situated on well drained, level ground which shall be free from rocks, weeds, and rubbish and shall:
   a)      have a minimum width of forty feet;
   b)      have all its boundaries clearly and permanently marked on the ground; and
   c)      have an easily accessible parking space for one vehicle other than a mobile home; and
   d)      shall be situated on the lot according to the guidelines set out in CSA Z.240.
1.         Service buildings shall be constructed in accordance with the Town of Asquith's Building Bylaw.
1.         Mobile Home Courts plumbing and drainage systems shall at all times comply with Provincial Regulations governing plumbing drainage.                                    
2.         The operator of a Mobile Home Court shall make all connections and disconnections between the mobile home and the sewer inletsand water outlets and make certain that such connections are maintained at all times during the period the mobile home is in the mobile home court.
3.         No mobile home located in a mobile home court shall be occupied unless connected to the sewerage system.
1.         Plans and specifications of the water distribution lines and outlets as required under Section 5(1)(d)(vi) shall be submitted to the Town's Engineer for approval. Size and depth of water lines, check valves and stop cocks shall be at the discretion of the Town's Engineer and shall conform as nearly as possible to those in similar use in the Town.
2.         No mobile home located in a mobile home court shall be occupied unless connected to the water distribution system.
1.         The Operator shall at all times maintain the mobile home court and the equipment used in connection thereto in a clean, orderly and sanitary condition.
2          .The Operator shall take adequate steps to exterminate vermin and keep the mobile home court free therefrom.
1.         The Operator shall maintain the entire area of the Mobile Home Court free of dry brush, leaves, weeds, or any other material likely to cause a fire hazard.
2.         The Operator shall install and maintain fire hydrants so that no mobile home space is located more than 500 feet from a fire hydrant.
3.         The Operator shall instruct all tenants of applicable fire prevention and protection rules, and in the means for summoning the Fire Department and emergency services.
13.       PENALTIES
1.         Any person who violates any of the provisions of this bylaw or fails to comply therewith or suffers or permits any act to be done in  contravention of the bylaw, or who neglects to do or refrains from doing any Act required by this bylaw, is guilty of an offence and liable on summary conviction to a fine of not more than one thousand dollars ($1000) and no less than two hundred and fifty dollars ($250), and in the case of a continuing offence, to a further fine of one hundred dollars ($100) for each day during which the offence continues.
2.         Conviction of a person for breach of any provision of this bylaw does not relieve him from compliance with the bylaw and the
convicting magistrate shall, in addition to any fine imposed, order the person to perform within a specified period, any act or work necessary for the proper observance of the bylaw or to remedy the breach thereof.
A medical health officer, public health inspector, fire inspector, building inspector may enter a Mobile Home Court for the purpose of inspection, but he shall not enter a mobile home without the consent of the occupant.  
            Read a third time and adopted August 14, 2012