asquith pop2


BYLAW # 353
The Council of the Town of Asquith enacts as follows:

1. In this Bylaw:

a) "private swimming pool" means an artificial pool of water having a depth at any point of eighteen (18) inches or more and/or has a surface area of Two Hundred (200) square feet or more, and is constructed or erected on private property for the principal use of the occupant of the premises, and includes both surface and underground pools.

b) "owner" means a person or his authorized agent, and includes a lessee or tenant in possession of property on which a private swimming pool is located.

2. a) The owner of every private swimming pool shall, in accordance with the provisions of this bylaw, erect and maintain an adequate enclosure surrounding the entire swimming pool area and sufficient to make such body of water not readily accessible to small children.

b) No person shall fill a private pool with water or maintain or use such pool filled with water until provisions of this bylaw have been compiled with.

c) Every fence shall extend from the ground for a height of not less than five (5) feet throughout and shall be measured from the exterior of the same.

d) Openings in the fence shall not exceed four (4) inches.

e) Every fence having a gate or gates shall be equipped with self-closing and self- latching devices placed at the top and on the inside of the gate.

f) No gate shall be less than five (5) feet in height, nor of a width exceeding four (4) feet.

g) Every fence shall be constructed so that all horizontal or diagonal structural members of the same shall be located on the inside or pool side of the fence.
h) Buildings situated on the property on which the pool is constructed or erected may be utilized to effectively enclose any pool.

3. Every pool shall provide an access walkway around the pool having a minimum width of three (3) feet.

4. Every private swimming pool shall be equipped with the following safety devices which shall be readily accessible in the event of an emergency:
a) A reaching pole of sufficient length to reach mid-pool;
b) A first aid kit;
c) Buoys and rope.

5. The enforcement of this bylaw shall be under the jurisdiction of the Town Bylaw Enforcement Officer or Building Inspector.

6. Any person convicted of a breach of any of the provisions of this bylaw shall forfeit and pay at the discretion of the convicting judge, a penalty not exceeding One Hundred Dollars ($100.00), exclusive of costs.

7. The provisions of this bylaw shall apply to all swimming pools as defined herein regardless of the date of construction of such swimming pool.

8. This bylaw shall come into force and take effect on the date of the final passing thereof.

9. It shall be the responsibility of the owner of any private swimming pool to apply to the Town for an inspection of their premises to ensure that the provisions of this bylaw are being complied with, prior to commencement of use of the pool in each season.

Read a third time the 29th day of September , 1975 and Carried unanimously.