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1.            GARBAGE/RECYCLING -   Curb side pickup is the town's method of garbage disposal (curb side bins). There is a $20.00/month per household charge for residential garbage pickup. This charge is added to the utility bill.

Pickup of carts containing bagged garbage is on Fridays in the mornings. The recycling is picked up on Wednesdays in the mornings, opposite the week the garbage is picked up. Please have bin at the curb by 7:00 am on that day. Place the cart with the wheels facing toward the curb. Please refrain from parking on the street on collection day, if there are vehicles on the street, place the container 3 feet from the vehicle.

If it is snowing on any of these days please move your empty cart from the street as soon as possible to facilitate snow removal.

The Town of Asquith encourages composting of your food waste materials (not meat or dairy) and recycling of recyclable items.

Pick up is once a week.

General guidelines on Container use:

1. When using your cart to dispose of your bagged trash, the garbage must be secure.2. Wheel out your cart with the lid closed. You must be able to close the lid without packing garbage in the cart too tightly; otherwise the excess will make the emptying of the cart more difficult.

3. Place the cart on the street on collection day.

4. Remove the emptied cart from the street as soon as possible and before the end of the day.

5. Do not remove the cart from its assigned address.

6. Inform the town office of any damage, vandalism or theft of the cart. It is important to note the serial number stamped on the cart placed at you residence. You are responsible for damage to the container, so please ensure it is stowed in a safe place.

Thank you for your cooperation in making this new cleaner and more efficient system of waste collection work for you.

 Items not allowed in or near carts:

-hazardous waste including paint, solvents, etc., sod, dirt or concrete, hot ashes, construction or demolition materials including boards, roofing materials, carpet etc., automotive parts, oil filters, oil, etc., tree clippings over 2' in length, liquids of any kind, animals or animal parts.

2.             RECYCLING- ( See Loraas Recycling Booklet available at the Asquith Town Office)

3.            LANDFILL

                The Asquith Landfill is closed.  An alternative is the Saskatoon Landfill.  If you are planning a large job such as a major renovation, re-shingling your house, etc., you may want to check with Loraas 306-242-2300 or Allan's Waste Disposal and Recycling 306-931-2604 to arrange for the delivery of a bin. 

               There will be "Clean Waste" Days throughout summer for the residents of the Town of Asquith ONLY!  Residents may bring in unpainted or untreated wood, branches, leaves, grass clippings and garden waste.  If waste is brought in in garbage bags it must be dumped out and the bags taken back with you.  All loads of branches, etc. must be tarped or strapped down so that you don't lose parts of your load on the way to the landfill.           

4.             NO BURNING IN THE TOWN LIMITS - In order for Asquith to comply with requests from Saskatchewan Environment and concerned citizens, town council instituted a bylaw to;

Regulate the Burning of Refuse Within the Boundaries of the Town of Asquith.  Burning of trash in burning barrels is not allowed.

Prohibition  2. No person shall cause or permit to be caused the open burning of trash, refuse, garbage, industrial waste or any other material or waste in an open firs or an incinerator in amanner that causes air pollution within the boundaries of the Town of Asquith.

Exclusion 4. Sections 2&3 of this bylaw do not apply to: a) a campfire or outdoor fireplace used for recreational purposes ; b) an outdoor fire using charcoal, processed coal or coke for cooking purposes; ..

5.            BUSINESS LICENSE- A business license is required by anyone coming into town to conduct a trade or business. Anyone conducting a business in Asquith; be they direct sellers, transient traders or contractors require a license from the Town of Asquith.

                This bylaw was set up to make sure the consumer is protected. (Often a shady business will  not acquire a license.) This bylaw also makes sure that those business people who pay a business tax or buy a business license in Asquith are being treated with equal fairness as businesses from out of town.

                You can help to enforce this bylaw by requesting to see the business license of salesmen, tradesmen, and contractors. There is fine of up to $3,000.00 for an individual who disregards this bylaw; there is a fine of up to $5,000.00 for a business that does the same.

6.            DOG & CAT LICENSE- Dog and Cat license is required in Asquith, and can be bought at the Asquith Town Office. The cost is $10.00 for a neutered and $20.00 for an unneutered.  All residents have until February 28th in which to purchase their pets' licenses or fines will be issued.

                Tickets will be issued to those who do not buy licenses for their dogs or those who have a dog or cat impounded for running at large. If you are having problems with dogs or cats running at large, witness complaint forms are available at the town office. The offenders will then be served with a ticket.

7.            BUILDING PERMIT - is required by any resident building a structure that is larger than 10' by 10'. 

 The building permit application has to be filled out and turned into the town office, along with any accompanying plans. This application is then perused by a building inspector. Once the permit has been approved by the inspector, and the building permit fee has been paid, the builder may then start building.

                An application is required if one is planning to erect, construct, alter, place or reconstruct a building. If one is planning to demolish or move a building, an application must be made to the town office and an application fee paid. In addition, the applicant must deposit a refundable sum to cover the cost of restoring the site to a condition that is not dangerous to public safety. If the applicant restores the site, the deposit is returned to the applicant.

                Therefore, if one is planning on doing any of this sort of work, it would be in their best interest to apply for a permit well in advance to ensure that it can be approved by the time one wants to start building.

8.            SNOW REMOVAL- the Town asks that residents avoid parking in the street during the winter months, as this impedes snow removal with the grader. Vehicles that are parked on the street often result in large amounts of snow surrounding the vehicle, and neighbouring driveways being plugged with snow. Move emptied garbage carts as soon as possible.

                Public Works employees may placard your vehicle with an order to move it within 24 hours for the purposes of removing snow. Failure to do so will result in your vehicle being towed and all costs for doing so being added to your taxes.

9.            NOISE- Town of Asquith, Noise Bylaw (Bylaw#5/89) prohibits creating noise of any nature which may be heard in any residence between the hours of 10 o'clock in the evening and 7 o'clock in the morning of any weekday or 8 o'clock in the morning of any holiday.

10.          HEALTH NURSE-A health nurse visits our town once a month (the first Wednesday) for baby vaccination clinics and visits. Please phone West Winds Health Center at 306-655-4275 to book your appointment.

11.          TOWN OFFICE SERVICES- The Asquith Town Office invites inquiries about the town, and what it can offer you.

Please feel free to call 329-4341 or drop in between (9;00 am and 12.00 noon and 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday. The town office offers photocopying, at a cost of 20 cents per page, or 10 cents per page if you bring your own paper. The town can also fax for you at a cost of $1.00 per local page or$2.00 per page for long distance. The fax number is 329-4969. The email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

12.          WATER BILLINGS- are done monthly, however the readings will be done 6 times per year: March, June, July, August, September and December. Water bills are payable upon receipt, and service may be disconnected if the bill has not been paid thirty days after the billing.  In the winter months, if your arrears are not paid they are added to your municipal taxes, or adversely to your landlord's taxes.

                MONTHLY WATER RATES

3,ooo gallons or less/month        Minimum- $31.00

3,000 gallons or more                     Minimum- $31.00 plus $10.50/ 1,000 gallons or part thereof

Sewer service flat rate charge: $25.00 per month. Garbage/Recycling is a flat rate of $20.00 per month. An infrastructure flat rate charge: $20.00 per month. The bulk water charge is $3.00 for a fill.

                Water leaks and careless use of water can quickly bring the total of your utility bill up. A leaking faucet, a quietly running toilet or water softener are often culprits of hidden water usage, although those who have houses with underground sprinklers should be sure to have their lines inspected. Inspect any source of waste for leaks often, and if leaks are discovered, repair them at once: you are responsible to pay for the water used.

13.          TREES- Residents are responsible for pruning of trees and branch removal on their property. There may be problems with roots of trees growing into and plugging the sewer lines from your house to the street. Ask the previous owners or your landlord if there has been a problem. This is usually fixed by an annual 'roto rooter' of the sewer lines to remove the roots. Contact the town office to book an appointment. The roto-rooter policy is available on the Town's website,

                Planting of trees on your lot is permitted. If you plant on the town boulevard (runs along the front of every property), these then become town property. Before you fence or dig, it is your responsibility to call SK Power , SK Energy and SK Tel to make sure you do not disturb underground lines. You can call SaskFirst at 1-866-828-4888 to get locates done.

14.          NEWS - Current news can be found in the monthly publication, RM Review. Copies of these can be found at most businesses in town. Important announcements are posted at the Asquith Coop, Post Office and Town Office. Water line cleaning announcements are posted at the Post Office prior to the time they occur.

15.          SCHOOL- The Town of Asquith has a  Kindergarten to Grade 12 School; --. Lord Asquith School offers a wide variety of classes and intramural sports, and has been commended for its academic excellence and its ability to bring home provincial, regional and district medals in sports. Check for details on the school division.